Praise for TRACKS autism

What people have to say about us.

  • Thank you for making us so welcome and for all the great work you do for Theo
  • To everyone at TRACKS - thank you for all your hard work and support. We love you all, James. p.s. I made this card!
  • To all TRACKS staff - thank you for all your help and support with Byron.
  • Thanks a lot for providing Lunasha with all the help and support.
  • TRACKS has played an extremely important role in Joseph’s progress during the 2 years he has been attending. Joseph is a different child today.
  • TRACKS taught our son how to communicate using sign language and pictures. Your perseverance supported his development in countless ways’
  • One of the great benefits of our son attending TRACKS has been the development of his friendship with his ‘best friend’ Byron in a safe, nurturing environment. Fantastic.
  • Thank you for your ongoing support!
  • We would like to stay in touch with TRACKS and help support you in the future, in your most important role in the lives of children with autism.
  • Thank you for everything you have done for William this year.
  • I had read about Angels and Fairies only in books, until I met the staff at TRACKS autism
  • My son was just over three when he first went to TRACKS and within weeks we saw his first smile ‘again’.
  • To all of our wonderful TRACKS staff – thanks so much for all of your hard work’
  • What happened at TRACKS was nothing less than a miracle. In the one-year that he went there, things started to make sense to him.