Jenny’s ball

A magical midsummer night's dream

A magical evening was had by all at a ball held to raise essential funds for TRACKS autism this summer.

Our Chairman, Mervyn Terrett and his wife Jennifer were in attendance, and one of our senior teachers, Alleyne Cliff was part of the choir.

"We extend many thanks to Richard Howard, the owner of Howard's End Salon in Stevenage and the host of this very glamorous event, for selecting to support TRACKS autism this year," said Mervyn.

Richard's childhood friend and her 11 year old son Harry (who is on the autistic spectrum), flew in from America especially for the event and each of them gave a very moving speech about the importance of early intervention and support for the whole family - just what we aim for at TRACKS autism. The guests gave Harry a standing ovation.

A special thanks was extended to Dawn and Krista of Greenside School who supported Harry on the night.

There was no doubt in anyone's mind that the event was a huge success and it raised an incredible £6,500 for TRACKS autism!