KASPAR the robot

On TRACK with the BBC Breakfast Team and CBBC’s Newsround.


KASPAR, the amazing and lifelike child robot, was featured as part of a CBBC special series of 5 programmes which explored some of the ways technology is supporting and changing the lives of those humans who may need a little extra help from these sophisticated almost human devices.

TRACKS were pleased to host Ricky and the Newsround team who reported on how KASPAR is helping enhance learning, communication and social understanding of emotions in pre- school children who are affected by autism. The children were very cool stars and wonderful hosts.

TRACKS autism now has a KASPAR robot on permanent loan. It is used by this small, highly trained team, to help the children and progress demonstrated is being recorded and fed into the larger KASPAR project, developed by the University of Hertfordshire. The robot has also been used in the past, in research funded by the European Commission and as part of several larger European projects.

See Tracks on the BBC here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-26511354