Joseph’s story

Joseph's parents believe his time at TRACKS has been invaluable. Here is an extract from a letter they sent, informing us that their little boy will be moving on to 'big' school:

'TRACKS has played an extremely important role in Joseph’s progress during the two years he has been attending, from the early days of his diagnosis of autism to date. You may remember that when Joseph first started at TRACKS his eye contact was poor, he wouldn’t join in, he had big tantrums and was non-verbal. TRACKS taught him how to communicate using sign language and pictures.

Your persevered and got him to participate in activities and supported his development in countless ways. Joseph is a different child today – his eye contact is great, he loves to join in and we are now able to have full conversations with him.

One of the great benefits of him attending Tracks has been the development of his friendship with his ‘best friend’ Byron! This has been such a lovely added bonus, for Joseph to have the chance to interact and build this friendship in a safe, nurturing environment. Fantastic.

We would like to stay in touch with TRACKS and help support you in the future, in your most important role in the lives of children with autism.'