Information for parents

Frequently asked questions


Does my child need a diagnosis of autism to attend TRACKS autism?

No. If you have any concerns about your child in terms of communation and social interaction, please do get in touch. We can support you through the diagnosis process.

My child is still in nappies. Can they still attend?

Yes. We have a sensitive approach to intimate care and a high-specification changing room and children's toilet. We will discuss your child's needs with you and, when the time is right, work with you in creating a toilet training plan.

Can my child attend TRACKS autism if they are already enrolled at a pre-school or nursery?

Yes. If your child attends another setting, we will liase with the staff their and share information and IEPs so that we are all working toward the same goals for your child.

What is an IEP?

IEP stands for Individual Education Plan. This will be written when your child has been attending for about six weeks and we have got to know them and they way in which they are lotivated to learn. The IEP usually consists of three targets relating to social communication, social interaction and play skills. The targets will be SMART. This stands for:

Time based

This is to ensure that the targets are achievable and motivating; individual to each child. IEPs are reviewed each term.

Will my child have a key worker?

Your child will have a team of key workers who are responsible for their paperwork, Learning Journey and intimate care. Each team consists of two teaching assistants and a lead professional. However, we do not have a 1:1 keyworker system. Instead we ensure that all staff work with all of the children, thereby ensuring that the children feel confident in turning to any member of staff for assistance and avoid becoming over-reliant on any single individual.

My child has a special diet and/or food allergies or intolerances. Will these be catered for?

Yes. We will discuss with you in advance any special dietry requirements that your child may have. All snacks provided by TRACKS autism and gluten and dairy free wherever possible.

We do not live in Hertfordshire, can my child still attend TRACKS?

We offer places to children from across the UK, we do not have a catchment area. If you are able to bring your child then we will endevour to offer them a place. To date we have had children attend that live across the home counties.