A day at TRACKS

Each day your child will be welcomed to TRACKS by our specially trained and dedicated team who will always join them for a period of free-play. The children have access to toys which are appropriate for all developmental levels. We have a calming sensory room and art room. KASPAR the robot will be available to play and key workers ensure that favourite toys are already set up and ready to go!

The timetable is displayed in symbols at a child's eye-level to support children in understanding what is going to happen next.

This is followed by Sensory Circuits which involves a series of activities which help to alert, organise and then relax the senses of the children so that they are ready to take part in a group activity we call 'Look' or Intensive Interaction. It is a successful, adult-led activity to promote joint attention. It encourages the children to make choices and to sit beside their peers.

Following all that concentration it's time for the children to wash hands and sit together at the table for a healthy snack. The children are supported in using picture cards to chose and request fruit, a healthy-choice biscuit and a drink before heading outside for playtime with our wide selection of outdoor play equipment.

Next it's time for Sherborne Developmental Movement. This is a whole group activity though we work 1:1 with each child. We are lucky enough to have an international course leader and trainer in Sherborne working regularly at TRACKS and more information about this programme which is designed to develop body and spatial awareness can be found elsewhere on this website.

One-to-one 'work' time comes next. At TRACKS we follow the TEACCH approach, chosing motivating table-top activities adapated for each individual child which have a clear beginning and end point to foster a sense of achievement. This is also the point in the day when children take part in seasonal craft activities as well as the opportunity to use touch screen computers and iPads.

After all that activity, it's time to eat. Once again the children come together to eat the packed lunch/tea they have brought with them. Even if reluctant at first, we have found over the years that in time almost all children will sit and eat or have a drink with their peers.

Lunch or tea is followed by song-time, a story and the 'good-bye' song; each child is sung to individually before they are collected by parents and carers. Our staff will always make time to talk with you about what your child has been doing; any achievements and 'wow' moments. All staff note down observations about progress which will go towards each child's Learning Journey and Individual Education Plan.

See you next time!

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