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TRACKS autism recognises that families are the child’s first carers and educators and therefore their views and knowledge of their children are paramount in ensuring that we are able to provide the best possible care.

At TRACKS autism we believe it is essential to work in partnership with families by providing each child with continuity of care and a consistent approach so (s)he will not become confused with different approaches to learning, standards of behaviour and boundaries and by ensuring that each child's special educational needs are met effectively.

We will endeavour to work closely with families in order to carry out their specific wishes for their child wherever we can. We will also offer support and advice regarding both the needs of children and their family.  We are always happy to discuss individual children's care and progress with families at a mutually convenient time, whether in person or over the phone.  We can also be contacted via the TRACKS autism email for non-confidential support and /or advice.

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