KASPAR The Robot

KASPAR is a child-sized humanoid robot designed to help teachers and parents support children with autism.

KASPAR has been designed for use as a social mediator, encouraging and helping children with autism to interact and communicate with adults and other children.

KASPAR has the ability to engage in a range of interactive play scenarios, such as turn-taking or shared-gaze activities, which children with autism often find difficult to understand or perform.

KASPAR's face is capable of showing a range of simplified expressions but with few of the complexities of a real human face.

KASPAR has movable arms, head and eyes, which can be controlled by the teacher or parent but also can respond to the touch of a child.

KASPAR has been designed to be inexpensive, with the aim of making a final model affordable to as many families and schools who might benefit as possible.

The robot was developed by the University of Hertfordshire's Adaptive Systems Research Group. The Principal Investigator is Professor Kerstin Dautenhahn.

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