Our Approach

TRACKS autism recognises that each child is unique. We start from what each child can do and create Individual Education Plans based on individual needs, interests and learning styles.

We take advice from other professionals including Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists, Physiotherapists, and Paediatricians. We offer each child:

  • a mix of 1-1 teaching and small group activities
  • a safe environment featuring a multi-sensory room, an art & craft room, a quiet room, large indoor learning & play room with ball pool and an outside area
  • visually supported learning - making use of Makaton signing & picture cards
  • communication developed through use of gesture, objects, pictures, and words
  • small steps to teaching basic skills
  • opportunities for child-led interactive play
  • regular physical activity
  • a sensitive approach to personal hygiene
  • links with and advice from other professionals
  • musical interaction
  • daily sensory circuits
  • a programme of Sherborne Developmental Movement

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