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What makes TRACKS Autism different?

Specialist, purpose built environment 

Sensory based learning

Multi-disciplinary team

Occupational Therapist, Speech & Language Therapist, Music Therapist, Counsellor & Family Support

Small class sizes 

8 children & 5 staff per session


Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

In addition to working to support children with autism and related communication disorders, TRACKS also works alongside mainstream settings in using the EYFS which is a national framework for the 0-5 age group.

The EYFS acknowledges the uniqueness of each child; it ensures that all under fives in childcare benefit from a safe, secure and happy environment where they can play and develop.

We track the development of your child through close observation which leads to individual planning for each child. We record these observations in your child’s online Learning Journey - Tapestry.


How We Work With Families

Supporting families is very important to us at TRACKS.  We aim to support families through the very difficult journey of diagnosis and acceptance.  Our experienced staff are compassionate and understanding with the families that we support.  We can offer independent advice, alongside working in conjunction with other agencies.

Disability Living Allowance

Our highly experienced Centre Coordinator, Gaby, is available to give advice and help with Disability Living Allowance forms.  These are long forms that need to be filled in correctly to have the best chance of gaining this financial benefit.  Please contact her if you need help or advice and she will endeavour to make an appointment to go through this with you.

Education Health and Care Plans (EHCP)

These are important documents that will enable your child to be supported correctly within their future settings.  This document is also the only way to access Specialist Provision, if this is the route that your child will need. 
Gaby is very experienced in supporting families through this initial application process and can help you with the wording.  She runs EHCP information sharing workshops a couple of times a year, for parents who need information about this process and how to go about initiating it.

Specialist Provision

Many of our children require a place at Specialist Provision once they reach school age.  This can be a very difficult decision and a complicated process.  Staff at TRACKS are always available to answer questions and support families through this.  We have good links with all the local specialist schools and our support can include completing EHCP documentation, honest advice and visiting local specialist schools with families to give them the needed emotional support.


We have good relationships with many of the outside agencies (including the Local Education Authority and NHS) available to support children and families with autism.  We can make referrals for you, to get you on your journey and access this much needed support.

Team Around the Family meetings

Often families have many professionals involved with their child.  This can be complex and confusing.  We are very happy to hold Team Around the Family (TAF) meetings at TRACKS and contribute to these discussions. These meetings are aimed at getting these multi agency professionals together and discussing the needs of the family together, to create one unified plan of action. 

Parent Room

We have a room at TRACKS that is allocated for the use of parents.  This can be used to meet with TRACKS staff or if you live some distance away and don’t want to go home during your child’s session, you are welcome to sit in or work in our parent room.  We have guest WIFI that is available to you, should you need it.

Information Workshops

We often run information workshops for parents to attend.  These are usually help on topics that our families have requested eg symbols, signing, behaviour etc.

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