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Frequently Asked Questions

My child doesn't have a formal diagnosis of ASD - can he still attend TRACKS Autism?

Absolutely, as long as a child is aged between 2-5 years and is presenting as autistic, we'd be more than happy to have them join once they've been through the initial assessment and welcome session with our highly qualified staff. We are able to support children presenting as autistic who may also have co-morbid or related conditions too.

What is the difference between Autistic and ASC and ASD?

All three terms are used interchangeably depending on the preference of the autistic person or child. Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC) and Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are both terms used in diagnosis or as a description of an autistic person. Some do not like to use the terms, as being autistic is considered not to be a disorder or a condition, but is just who they are.

What do the TRACKS specialist therapy team do exactly?

We are very lucky that TRACKS children have access to Speech & Language Therapists (SALT), Occupational Therapist (OT) and Music Specialist. To learn more about these roles and how they support your child CLICK HERE

Can my child attend multiple settings?

Yes absolutely. We recommend that a child is with us for two sessions a week. We have many children who attend TRACKS and who then also attend a mainstream nursery or childcare setting on the other days. We are more than happy to talk you through how this may work and what support we can offer the other setting your child attends.

Can I use the 15hours free Government funding?

Sadly, as the law stands NO. Despite pressure on the Government directly from TRACKS in 2012, HCC determined that we are not allowed to receive Nursery Grant and charge a “top up fee” to provide the autism specific provision including higher levels of child support required to be safe.
As a result of this decision TRACKS is registered as a Charity and seeks a parental contribution of approximately 1/3rd of the cost of a place. The remainder is covered by charitable fundraising. 
To assist parents the level of parental contribution is kept in line with the level of special allowances that parents can receive due to their child’s condition.

My child is a runner and escape artist. How safe are they at TRACKS? 

TRACKS is a purpose built environment and has the children's safety at its heart. We have a buzzer entry and exit system and all door handles are above child height to ensure they remain where they are. We ensure we know who is picking a child up and that they are on the child's safe list. All our early years team are trained in looking after and supporting a child who may be anxious enough to want to run off.

Does my child need to wear a uniform at TRACKS?

Uniform is completely optional but it can be purchased at should you require it. Many of our children attend two settings and sometimes wearing a specific uniform can help a child to understand which setting they will be attending that day. However, we also understand that many children will also struggle with this which is why we leave the decision up to you and your child as to what they'd feel more comfortable wearing.

How can I make a donation & can I choose what the money is used for?

We are in need in all areas and therefore would be happy to have funds donated towards a specific project. We find that many prefer to donate that way. However, we love open fundraising as it allows us to help pay off our core costs that can often be overlooked. If you're interested in helping support TRACKS please CLICK HERE

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