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The National Lottery Award £10,000 to TRACKS Autism

We're really pleased, and so grateful, to announce that The National Lottery Community Fund have awarded us £10,000 to go towards the cost of our Occupational, Speech & Language and Music therapists here at TRACKS.

The difference made by the therapists helps each TRACKS child to reach their full potential by...

  • Improving children’s communication skills reducing their anxiety and frustration so they can engage with others in a meaningful way and strengthening relationships.

  • Children developing new skills improving their independence and self-esteem. Children leave prepared and confident for their move into formal education in either special or mainstream school.

  • Improving social interaction by developing play skills becoming active learners and engaging in shared enjoyment with others.

  • Developing different kinds of play to support flexible thinking. Flexible thinking allows the child to cope better with change and to accept challenge (when supported) so they are able to access more opportunities in the world around.

Thank you for supporting TRACKS Autism and helping to change our children's lives for the better!

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